Monday, October 5, 2009

Woman Finds Ring in Manure...

The Parade of Brides kick off event:

Heritage Park
6AM - 38 very cold degrees
30 Couples battling for a $20,000 wedding giveaway - contests included:
Cake Eating
Handcart Pulling
Chicken Catching
and digging through manure to find the special ring for the grand prize

What a fun event - thanks to all who came and congratulations to the winner!

The Parade of Brides goes through this Saturday - check out THIS LINK to find out more!

Fox 13 News Story on the winner


naomi megan. said...

haha. that is hilarious! loved the ring in the manure! don't know if i'm that brave.

great video! as usual...

Nate said...

These poor "brides to be" actually spent almost 15 minutes (or more...) sifting through that lovely stuff to find the ring.

Most said that trying to capture the chicken was more stressful - funny right?

Thanks for checking it out!