Monday, October 29, 2012

scott & kylee // new york, new york

two part engagement video from new york city! congratulations to this adorable couple who were married this past weekend!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

let them eat cake

This is why I love video. Shot with Brooke who created the tantalizing imagery below.

photos: blush // floral: petal pixie // table: rsvp rentals // hair: nichole forsey // makeup: allison draper // cake: cake-a-licious

to see all the images visit the blush photography blog

Monday, October 1, 2012

jenna & rob // couple story

(Skip below to see the date video portion of their interview)
For me there are few things as great as documenting the story of how the couple met and fell in love. Having been married for almost 10 years myself (stunning right?) I've realized that the details of these intricate stories do become a bit hazy. These couple story videos capture the emotion and fresh excitement of how the two have arrived at their wedding day. Not only so that they can remember, but so that their kids, grandkids, and on and on will be able to experience the start of their amazing lives together. Shot in the metropolis of Malad Idaho, where the two fell in love, here is their story!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

kendal & josh // double video love

A few weeks back I visited these two in lovely Las Vegas. What you'll see in the engagement shoot is a recreation of an entire day that this couple spent together. As the story unfolds you'll notice that yes I am indeed in love with split screen boxes ... I love how they help create a transition in the story without words. You'll probably also notice that these two are friggin amazing together :)

The bridal above was shot on the same visit and was inspired and shot along side Brooke with Blush Photography. Kendal, her dress, and her man are all incredible - so thrilled I was able to create this film for them so that they can remember their young love.

Monday, August 20, 2012

nauvoo - video stills

I spent a good part of last week in Nauvoo for the wedding of Mindy & Brad. It will be a little while before I share the video, but I was too excited to keep it all to myself. Check out these sweet screen grabs from my video. Great couple and I LOVED being in Nauvoo!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

flirt by maggie sottero

Last week in Atlanta, GA Maggie Sottero launched their spring 2013 prom dresses. Lucky for me I was there to document the big event and provide them with this on site edit that day! A quick preview and some of the amazing designs coming for next year - simply amazing - wish I could have been there much much longer!

Friday, August 10, 2012

michael & megan // wedding preview

Is it good luck when it rains on your wedding day? In my selfish opinion - YES! Some of my favorite weddings this year have rained and rained hard! This one was a little different. Being the great adventurers and lovers of the outdoors that they are Mike & Megan decided on Deer Valley for their wedding celebration. Making the trip from Texas and all corners of the world friends and family came together to be a part of this great day. Into the early afternoon the rain was not letting up and because the ceremony was scheduled to take place at the top of the mountain backup plans were hesitantly being put into motion. Up until literally (and when I say literally I mean it - I was timing the thing!) the last minute no one was sure if that was still going to happen. Finally the clouds parted and the sun shine through at just the right moment and this is the result!

Also didn't hurt that I happen to be working with the wonderful Pepper Nix photography.

Monday, August 6, 2012

ryan & randi // the date

Making it happen on the lake! One of the best parts about summer??? The boating! Since that is what this couple loves to do - that is where we went. This video is the result - enjoy!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

wedding preview // stephanie & ali

Stephanie and Ali celebrated their wedding at the lovely Ashley Manor in Chandler Arizona. A brief highlight of an entire days emotional and romantic tale. Check out the amazing still images captured by Gideon Photography.

Monday, July 16, 2012

southern utah bride // fall 2012

The Southern Utah Bride Magazine will be hot off the presses this weekend and is full of great inspirations and helps for you upcoming wedding! Check out the video and see a sneak peek at the Utah Bride Blog!

Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July // 8mm Family Video

Lately I have felt deep gratitude for the ability to support my family through my love of filming videos. It may come across cliche and at time when I have read similar things I have thought it might possibly be disingenuous. Why with all of the work that actually goes into what we do as creative professionals it is possible to get caught up in the motion of moving forward, but I really do LOVE what I do... really!

With that I share with you a video that I was able to capture this past 4th of July. Spending a little time off, during a busy summer, with my lovely family. There is real joy in capturing the memories as they happen. As quickly as time goes by it is fun to look back on these videos and remember the good times from years past. Enjoy!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Lacey + Reagan // Salt Lake Temple

The smile could simply not be wiped off of Lacey's face. She was so happy to be married to her man Reagan! See for yourself in their same day edit, which focused more on the entire group with highlights of the couple. Brooke of Bakken Photography was great to work with. Check out their sneak peek photography at this link!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012



Time and time again when filming an event like this I am taken back at what I am experiencing. I find myself laughing, crying, and honestly grateful that these memories are being captured to be seen over and over again.

This was one of those special moments and it nearly didn't get recorded. After originally declining, the mom of the bride decided to book me just a few days before the dinner to capture the program that was happening the night before the wedding. I was inspired to share this little clip after I received this message from the talented photographer Jalene Taylor, we met when I shot her wedding almost two years ago:

"I was just sorting through some papers and found my wedding planner. I can't tell you how often I kick myself for not hiring you to video our dinner the night before. Biggest mistake ever. You should've made us let you. Tell other couples it's my biggest regret."

I came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to let her message be in vain. Because as professionals it is our responsibility to teach and inform the new couples.

Here is what I later learned about Jalene's experience:

"When we first met with you, you asked us if we wanted you to shoot our wedding dinner the night before. Having never really attended a wedding dinner myself, I immediately assumed that it would be a bunch of our family and closest friends just sitting around eating dinner. Nothing too exciting. As months went on and we planned our wedding dinner it began to look like a program and for some reason that I can't remember, I still didn't ask you to film it (kicking myself). Our wedding dinner ended up being one of the most special nights of my life... We had a few people sing and our parents and family said things about us that were so special. And [my husband] Lincoln and I said a few things as well. Combined with my struggle to remember what people say at things like this and a crazy whirlwind of a wedding day, I don't really remember what people said. I remember that it was so special and fun but I wish I had a recording of it that we could go back and watch. I understand that budgets can sometimes prevent someone from booking this type of event, but in the end a [few] hundred dollars isn't a big deal in the wedding world... Our wedding was wonderful and absolutely perfect, but the biggest regret I have is not having our dinner filmed. I seriously wish I could go back in time. It may not seem like a need when planning, but after all is said and done the things you want to remember are the things people you love said about you. Something so special and intimate should be documented if only for posterity's sake."

IMPORTANT: If there is ANY chance of ANYTHING besides just "eating dinner / lunch" taking place - you need your videographer there to capture it (rarely is it just eating). Like Jalene, it is very common that you as the bride or groom will not be aware of such a program that might be happening ... so make sure you are absolutely sure that there will be nothing happening. Be aware that your family may downplay or deny the program because they will want whatever they have planned to be a surprise. It is usually safe to assume there will be something that happens that you will want captured. Lastly, don't rely on someone having their xyz recording device to capture what happens.

Sound: On these devices the microphone that picks up the sound is attached to the camera. What does that mean? It means any sound happening around that camera will be captured much louder than those sounds that are farther away... so your memory will be tainted by the sound of background conversations, clanging dishware, and other undesirable noises.

Shaky Cam: Most will attempt to hand hold the camera/iphone/camcorder this will make for a noxious viewing experience later on.

Getting it: Whether taking a break, being caught up in the moment, or an accidental format. Someone just recording it may lead to you never seeing it. So get a professional - they know what they are doing.

Like Jalene I love my video from my rehearsal dinner. With so much happening in a short period of time, how quickly kids and everyone grow up, and so much change that happens over the years. It is always nice to go back and relive those musical numbers, toasts, and of course roasts that we shared with family and friends before we were married.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Josh + Julie // Engagement Video

Even though we may visit the same location more than once, this video proves that each couple brings with them their own touch of style and personality. For the fast pace and high energy group here is Josh and Julies engagement video - congratulations you two!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Utah Bride Blog // Spring Insipiration

We are thrilled to have a video featured on the Utah Bride Blog today!     First, it was amazing to me as I realized how the decor and design of a wedding can create a mood.  Inspired by the bright, simple, and colorful elements I wanted to create a video that really showed them off.  Second, I decide to highlight these elements with a touch of that look from old home videos that captured the pure sweet feelings and experiences of springs and summers past.  The intended final result was a fresh look at how fun and light your wedding could be by incorporating such a lovely setup.  So happy to have been a part of this great collaboration of professionals and innovators in the industry.

Video: {yours truely}
Hair / Makeup: Jaclyn Lamoreaux
Custom Suit:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Garrett + Taylee // Wedding

Love the lighting of a slightly cloudy day mixed with the fall leaves of the Salt Lake Temple. Authentic in effortlessly showing their love for each other - Taylee, Garrett and their families were a joy to work with and a pleasure to document. Enjoy their wedding and reception highlight edits!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Calamigos Ranch: Mike + Mary

This wedding was certainly an experience not soon to be forgotten; with careful thought and preparation given to every detail coupled together with a musical presence greater than I have ever seen before. (Will post more later). Making life even easier was working along side the gifted artists at wildflowers photography. Thank you Mike & Mary - an incredible experience - loved it!

By the way - did you like the amazing music? John Gold is their friend who you see performing at their ceremony. You can buy his album on iTunes by clicking here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Max Owen Pickett

It has been a busy year for the Pickett family - we feel very fortunate to have been blessed with another son! Please enjoy this little video I made highlighting his arrival.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Interview: Mikey + Brady

A hybrid between a date video and an interview - sometimes called a couple story - where we find out more about the couple, how they met, their proposal, and some of the embarrassing steps along the way. While longer than most other videos I've posted well worth the watch - enjoy!