Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Salt Lake Temple:Taylor + Josh

Taylor was so excited to be married. After she came up the stairs, standing there with her new husband Josh before going out to see her family, she was shaking with excitement as she told Lindsay and I, "I don't want this moment to pass too quickly!" But as time often does in these happy times - it went by fast and we had a great time documenting it.

This is that same day edit that we filmed in the morning and had ready to play that night at the reception. Filmed in 5D Cinematic Style - enjoy!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

October 2: Wedding Giveaway!

We were lucky enough to be selected as the exclusive videographer for the first Parade of Brides, not only the first in Utah, but ANYWHERE!

This unique event kicks off on October 2 at 6:30 AM at This is the Place (Heritage Park) - Why so early? The Fox News morning show with Big Budha will be there along with the morning show from 97.1 ZHT. 30 "Brides to be" will be competing for some really cool prizes including a FREE WEDDING VIDEO from yours truly! I'll also be filming the whole time - so come see what it is all about!

Enter now to WIN by clicking HERE

After the kickoff on Oct. 2nd the reception centers will be open and ready to visit until the 10th Of October (excluding Sunday) so get your tickets now!

What is the Parade of Brides?
16 Reception centers located in Salt Lake County will be open to preview - setup so that you can envision the place on your wedding! More info at the links below:

Parade of Brides Website


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Now Booking - Family Videos!

We followed Lindsay Jane and her family along as they spent the day at the Utah State Fair and the results were AMAZING! What a fun place for a shoot. With more than enough to do, together with a cute little family, the pieces were in place for a fresh, fun, and unique video. Enjoy below the stills that Lindsay pulled from the video and added her magic to.


Whats the cost?
$250 1/hr Session and $350 2/hr Session
What do we get?
-Includes 1 location of your choice (travel fees may apply if outside of Davis, Salt Lake or Utah County)
-Online Hosting (An edited version of your video that can be shared on blogs or most any social networking site) Great for sharing with friends and family!
-1 DVD of the Finished Video
What would we do - Where would we go?
-What do you enjoy doing most as a family? What traditions do you have? Don't discredit the ordinary - these seemingly ordinary activities are often the basis of lasting family memories. Don't know what to do still? Before the shoot we will discuss your favorite activities and the best places to do that - maybe even try something new and out of the ordinary (that always makes for fun video!)


Considering fall family pictures? We've partnered with Lindsay Jane Photography to bring you the best of both worlds into one convenient and FUN package!

$500 Package - Includes:
-2 hours of coverage
-1 location
-High-resolution disc with copyright release
-Sweet Family Video with all the perks listed above

CLICK HERE for more info on Family Portraits + Video

Questions? email us at
or call (801) 628-5439

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Office - NP FILMS

This is the new location of Nathan Pickett Films. Conveniently placed right off of 5th south in Bountiful at 485 S 100 E. This is a much needed change as many of you were making the drive from South Salt Lake County (and further) all the way up to my home office in Layton to meet with me - thank you! Others who were coming from up North to meet with me will find that it is a nice centralized location between the two ends of the valley.

The move has been a long time in the making and has proven to be quite the task. Putting together the perfect mix of work and style all while feverishly working to finish the summer backlog.

Thanks to everyone who helped put the place together (decorating is not my forte) and a very special thanks to Lindsay Jane Photography for inviting me to office out of the same building. Lindsay is a good friend and a GREAT photographer! Consistency is her best asset and that's what you can expect from her and her studio of trained professionals - consistently great pictures. I look forward to working just footsteps away!

See Lindsay's work for yourself by clicking HERE!

Once we get the finishing touches up we will be posting more pictures!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The after years...

Its hard to imagine now, but what will be your biggest day after the wedding day is over? Can you possibly top that grand celbration?

As you can imagine, for me that day was when my sons were born. At whatever time you both decide it to be right for you and your new honey - your future will hopefully include kids.

As some of you know my future came almost 5 years after being married when my life was blessed with my twin boys! My little Sam and Eli - you'll quickly see how truly adorable they are and why snuggling them is a must! This picture was snapped by my friend from Dallas, Texas, Stephanie, with "Auburn Soul Photography". She did a great job and I wanted to share with all of you a quick glimpse of what great fun lies in store - even when they refuse to sleep all night long. Now back to the wedding day planning! :)