Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dream Songs

I love music - SO MUCH! Are you like me and ever hear a song from the past and immediately you can remember a place, time, or person? Even your senses begin to percolate and you can recall tastes and smell? Or am I just strange? Regardless of what you answer on the first two questions the last will always be yes!

I always preach that Music / Audio is video's backbone - without it - video cannot stand on its own. And Often times I will hear great songs that I can picture amazing video to - but this incredible list seems to dwindle when people ask me what song I think they should use for their video. So, I decided that I would post a few of those songs here. No worries; if you're disgusted by them and decide that you don't love them at all - even if would never consider them - the song you love is always better to use, because it will help the video bring out your own personality.

A couple of tunes I'm dying to make videos to:

Artist: Owl City
Song Name: "If My Heart Was a House"
Slower romantic song with some fun beat changes that gives a kick of spunk!
Good for: Date and maybe Temple video for the right couple

Artist: Ms. John Soda
Song Name: "Hands"
Fun, Fast, and points out the back and forth relationship of Love
Good for: Date video


My Wooden Heart said...

As soon as I hear a song from my early teen years I remember all these great events and adventures that were happening the very moment I first heard this song on the radio. It's quite magical and I absolutely love it. The best is when I remember all the lyrics to these songs.

Amy and Matt said...

matt and i would love to use the owl city song! so go for it! haha :)

Andrea Hanks said...

Hey Nate, Do you think the song I chose will work for my video? If not let's do the "Hands" song. husband and I would like to book you for our family video at the ski resort some time after the white stuff flies...if you are up for it!

Nate said...

I always think I remember lyrics but when I don't have the song to back me up I stumble :)

Matt and Amy - glad to have a taker on the Owl City song it is one of my especially favorites as of late. I'll send you notification as soon as it is ready!

Nate said...

Andrea - I really like the song that you chose! I haven't had a chance to put the video to the music yet, but if I notice something off I'll let you know for sure!

Skiing after so long is a scary prospect, but I am definitely up for the challenge! I'll practice up and wait for the snow to fly -