Friday, February 19, 2010

a shot in the dark

I have now accomplished one of my unwritten goals for the year. Shoot an entire video in black and white. Jimmy at and I had the idea, while working down in San Diego this week, of shooting at night using only natural light - Joy and Jeff are a great couple and she is due in May. This is just a taste of the many shoots we've done together this week as we prepare for the wedding on Saturday of another couple, Roselyn and Ben. Until then - enjoy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Posed vs not posed - hmmmm.... the great photography question - what is your opinion?? Most say that they prefer to not be posed.

The truth is - most everyone needs to be posed or guided for good photography. I like to call it "composing" the shot. The most important part is to not appear un-natural, stiff, or most importantly resemble someone who you are not. A great photographer is one who can compose the shot without you even being aware of whats happening. When done right, it allows for the action to take place as if it were simply happening - the only difference being when directed by a good photographer you are the best looking you possible - who doesn't want that? Simply shooting on location at a great new barn or field doesn't ensure great pictures.

Why do I mention all this - because Jimmy Bishop of is one of those photographers. And the video above was shot entirely by him and I had a lot of fun editing it for him. See video... through a photographers eyes!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dream Songs

More songs to add to the growing list of those I'd like to make videos to!

Artist: Future of Forestry
Song Name: "Slow Your Breath Down"
Great for: Wedding day highlight video - from the bridal prep to exit - this would also great for a couple looking for a unique sound on an engagement video. Great band too!

Artist: Owl City
Song Name: "The Bird and The Worm"
upbeat,happy,different,owl city(how better to say it)
Great for: Engagement / Date video - I love Owl City. An evolution of cheesy music - I'm picturing a lot of fun stuff that could be played out to this song.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Scott + Becca: Las Vegas Mini-Highlight

Becca was very animated! Which was for the obvious reason that she was simply SUPER in love! Enjoy a quick highlight video of them around the Las Vegas Temple-