Sunday, September 6, 2009

The after years...

Its hard to imagine now, but what will be your biggest day after the wedding day is over? Can you possibly top that grand celbration?

As you can imagine, for me that day was when my sons were born. At whatever time you both decide it to be right for you and your new honey - your future will hopefully include kids.

As some of you know my future came almost 5 years after being married when my life was blessed with my twin boys! My little Sam and Eli - you'll quickly see how truly adorable they are and why snuggling them is a must! This picture was snapped by my friend from Dallas, Texas, Stephanie, with "Auburn Soul Photography". She did a great job and I wanted to share with all of you a quick glimpse of what great fun lies in store - even when they refuse to sleep all night long. Now back to the wedding day planning! :)


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