Saturday, May 2, 2009

tiffany and matthew: the date

Some of you may have never seen or heard of a date video. We'll here it is - it's the groom and bride to be - before the wedding day - where they just go out and do the things they love to do together.

I've often thought about how cool it would have been to see a date video starring my parents or my grandparents. Tiffany and Matthew's kids and grandkids won't have to worry about that. Thanks for letting me tag along guys - it was great.



Jill said...

This video is awesome!!! Very cinematic. What about a date video for me and my honey?

TheReadFam said...

Fabulous video by the way. Just what I imagined for our family video that we are getting done one day.
Can't wait.

denver said...

Consider my mind officially blown, very stunning imagery. Works really well, great talent!

Denver Riddle