Saturday, April 4, 2009

jordan and bonnie: salt lake

Jordan and Bonnie have known each other since they were just little kids. Their wedding was an event they had both - together - been literally looking forward to - for a very long time. This is their documentary style highlight edit.



Jess said...

Hi Nathan! I journeyed here from Rockstar Diaries (Naomi) and I just wanted to let you know nearly everytime I watch this video as well as the 8mm below, I well up inside! Your style is unique and very human and fiance and I plan to hire you in the future. I also wanted to ask what gorgeous song is playing in the pick the most fitting ones. :]


Nate said...

Thank you for your sweet comments Jess. The audio is almost more important than the video itself, because it becomes the framework for the video - and the song in this video is by Kelly Sweet, called "Now we are free" (the album version). Thanks for stopping by! We'll see you on your wedding day :)