Tuesday, October 14, 2008

re:frame 08

It has now been a week that I have been back from reframe and WOW!! It was inspiring! There was-literally-the most amazing people there. I felt so overwhelmed by the positive atmosphere that was created between peers in the industry. I definitely felt cooler after having been able to spend time with all of you who were there and I feel very lucky to have been fortunate enough to be one of only 50 who were able to attend this incredible event.

While in New Orleans I learned bourbon street is not for the weak at heart. This place is jumping jiving and wailing till the wee hours of the mourning, maybe even all night--I didn't make it quite that far. I arrived at 3 am on Sunday night / Mon morning and the streets were still full of people and the city was hopping. This is truly a city rich in culture where the chance to go and really do something is always available. Like a night of enthusiastic karaoke or a hole in the wall club with some great music.  My recommendation is the peanut butter bacon cheese burger at YO MOMMAS--the best burger I have EVER tasted!

This highlight reel is just a quick glimpse into this good time of enlightenment and fun that was enjoyed while in the big easy.  Watch for a leprechaun, mysterious Utah filmmaker in a long wig, and for most of the talented presenters at reframe.

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Dan Read said...

Awesome video man! So was that really you on stage dancing and singing? Very impressive!