Thursday, October 30, 2008


I haven't posted any receptions yet so I decided to share with you all Troy and Chantel's reception celebration. See if you can catch some of the sprinkler action going on in the video... its a very special dance move which is extremely hard to perfect. Thanks everyone for a GREAT reception!


Song Title: Love You 'Till The End - Artist: The Pogues


Anickle said...

Nate- I love all of your new stuff! You really are soooo talented! I have two business related ?'s: Do you do anniversary type videos (we're trying to think of something for my parents in-law)? Also, a couple of our wedding cd's aren't working (not scratched, just a green screen on certain segments) Is there anyway to get some replacements or even a coulpe VHS copies???
Thanks! Angie (Yarbrough)Nickle Email: or

Nate said...

Hey Angie!! The oh so brave original wedding couple!

I will definitely send you some replacement copies, just send me an email with how many you need and your address and I'll get those sent out.

What would really be fun for your in-laws would be if we got the kids and kids in laws to say some stuff about them on video and put together a tribute with pictures and cool music too. (documentary style)

Give my best to Brandon and the little guy!