Wednesday, August 22, 2012

kendal & josh // double video love

A few weeks back I visited these two in lovely Las Vegas. What you'll see in the engagement shoot is a recreation of an entire day that this couple spent together. As the story unfolds you'll notice that yes I am indeed in love with split screen boxes ... I love how they help create a transition in the story without words. You'll probably also notice that these two are friggin amazing together :)

The bridal above was shot on the same visit and was inspired and shot along side Brooke with Blush Photography. Kendal, her dress, and her man are all incredible - so thrilled I was able to create this film for them so that they can remember their young love.


Randi Gardner said...

Wow! So beautiful! I am amazed at the emotion you captured. I feel like I know their love now!

kylie said...

BEAUTIFUL. love the vibes from this video. well done.