Monday, April 12, 2010


I love movies! That I'm sure doesn't shock anyone reading this - but I really love good movies. Movies that move and inspire - especially movies that seem to go in different directions than what I'm expecting, which isn't hard considering how gullible I am. There have been times when the right movie just catches me at the right time and it clicks.

My top 6 movies? Here is the list that I've wanted to share for a long while - in no particular order:

Amazing composition and classic story. Previous to this movie the only version I knew was the 6 hour BBC version that my wife would watch when she would get sick. Maybe for that simple reason I like this shorter and much sweeter version. Visually Stunning!

Eye opening movie about human behavior, hope, and storytelling.

Life is what you make it - and when I tell the story of my life to my kids I want it to sound just like the story of the dad in this movie. Anything is possible -

This movie took me by surprise by how different it actually is. Extremely creative and interesting from beginning to end. Not a typical love story, but well worth watching.

Of course a good guy movie - but what Batman and its sequel have that have made it so different from the others is the solid story. It really connects with the background of Bruce Wayne and making Batman believable. This movie has changed the way superhero movies are done - but none may live up to the standard of this great original!

Music! Love the music in this movie - coupled together with great humor. Fun entertainment - that's it!
Here are some recent movies that I have also liked a lot and debated putting them in the top 6 - it is increasingly surprising to me how many great stories are still being told. I supposed each story is truely unique and everyone has a unique way of telling that story -

How does this apply to wedding videos? Good movies, whichever those are for you, we connect to because the people and emotions are real to us and that is what inspires me as a videographer. The realness, if that is a word, of what is happening or being candid is the result of capturing who someone really is - and that is my goal - to not fabricate a false impression of the day, but to show the joy of your day in your way - Thanks for the inspiration!


Jill said...

Great choice of movies!!

Fairground Productions LLC said...

Hey Nathan, My name is Erika and my husband and I just moved to Utah to join the filmmaking world here. Our main thing is filmmaking but we pay the bills with videography and all that jazz. Anyhow, we too love to look at various films for inspiration... I guess what filmmaker doesn't. :) But I wanted to let you know A.) that we love your work. I think we kind of have similar styles so when people call us on a day we can't we tell them you are one of the filmmakers we'd trust if we were getting married. Not that we know you but your product is great. And B.) what made me want to message you... I saw Moulin Rouge and that is the movie that totally inspired me to want to make films. So good choice! I still need to see 500 days of summer and the blind side. And Pride & Prejudice is one of my favs. Anyhow, just thought I'd share. Good luck on future endeavors and filmmaking. :)