Monday, December 7, 2009

Salt Lake Temple: Matt + Amy

It's great to see a groom as outwardly excited as Matt was on his wedding day. He was exited for good reason too - after dating for a time at Dixie College - Matt left to serve a mission. In a classic tale of "waiting for your missionary" Amy waited for 2 years as he served in the Dominican Republic. When he returned home they hit it off again like he had never been gone - rekindling their friendship and love for each other. Glad I was there to capture it - thanks guys.

Insane work by Lindsay Jane Photo below - see more by clicking here!


Lindsay Kay said...

Beautiful! I love your work so much! Someday when I get married, I'll give you a call :) Thank you for sharing your awesome talents!

Lindsay said...

Awesome video Nate! I love seeing your final product, especially on weddings we do together! You rocked it!

The bride and groom said...

nathan matt and i absolutely love our video as we do our pictures (thanks lindsay) my mom watches it constantly ha! thank you so much for all your hard work and your amazing ability to capture such memorable moments for me and matt!