Friday, June 19, 2009

matt and lindsay: bountiful temple

All the time you hear about that when its overcast or cloudy day it makes for much better video and pictures. Although most prefer the sunny day - which looks great - don't be discouraged if the forecast calls for overcast on your wedding day. You'll see why after watching this video, which was shot under such conditions. Thanks Matt and Lindsay - I had a great time, especially the down pour at the reception :).


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TheReadFam said...

Dang that was good. I loved the wide angle shots, when there were drums in the song and a bunch of pics flashed, and then the end looking at the temple. I SO wish you had done our wedding video.

And I did start crying, no lie, when they were helping the little grandpa up the stairs. I reminded me of my grandpa. Broke my heart.

great job as always.